Tools and Resources

I’ve devoted a lot of time to developing tools to put research into practice, including software packages, data collection protocols, database applications, and training materials. Some are ancient, some are new, but developing tools to implement research is always a great way to validate and improve your methods and hopefully make a little difference in the world. Plus it’s fun! If you find one useful, please leave a comment or let me know!

Modeling Software | Database Applications | Mapping | Multimedia | Languages

Modeling Software

  • T-LoCoH. Home range estimation and spatio-temporal analysis of movement data
  • Nova. Nova is a multi-purpose modeling platform that combines dynamical system models with agent based models. I did not invent the program, but have been developing the online help pages, video tutorials, case studies, and providing user-support and feedback to the programming team. This is very innovative software that is worth checking out if you need a highly flexible and versatile platform for model development.

Database Applications

  • LIMES. The Livelihoods Impact Monitoring and Evaluation System (LIMES) is a series of MS Access databases developed for monitoring food security projects across five countries in southern Africa. The database is the information management side of a much larger effort to standardize food security monitoring that includes a series of field manuals I also wrote. Due to limited internet access in many of the field sites, the database is designed to work offline with options for local customization, user-friendly data entry for standardized data collection instruments, reporting templates, remote synchronization, and developer guidelines.
  • Conference Manager. This is a great little database application I developed to help organize small to medium-sized conferences. You can use it to manage registration, abstracts, and organize presentations. Among other things it can generate emails to presenters and create an online program.
  • CBNRM Data Manager. I developed this database application to help the ADMADE and CONASA community-based natural resource management projects in Zambia organize their monitoring data, including safari hunting monitoring results, field patrols, photo transects, and household surveys. Like my other database projects, it offers a user-friendly interface for novice users while also generating summary reports and GIS maps of monitoring data.

Mapping Resources


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